*Ltd. Edition Presale* Measuring Tape Bracelet

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Do you need to measure things? Me too! As a little special for the holidays, I am offering my skinny wrap bracelet with a one-foot ruler hand-marked and hand-branded into it. One side of the bracelet has inch markings, and the other side has inch, half inch, and quarter inch markings. 1,6, and 12 are marked, and the rest is left unmarked to keep it subtle.

This will be a **limited edition presale**. The presale will be open until Cyber Monday (Nov. 26). After the presale closes, I will create the bracelets in your custom sizes and send them out to you. Thanks for your patience while I craft these individual, slow fashion pieces!

A big thanks to YouTuber Bendy Stitchy Michelle Garrette for requesting this design!

Here's a little video of me creating the prototype: https://youtu.be/Gz3y07NmmT4

Exact Wrist Measurement / Suggested Bracelet Size:

5.5 - 6" / XS

6 - 6.5" / S

6.5 - 7" / M

7 - 7.5" / L

7.5 - 8" / XL

8-8.5" / XXL

If you have any questions about sizing, feel free to check out my size guide (link below) or contact me!

About the leather: This is a lovely lightweight cowhide tanned in Maine by Acadia Leather. It's super soft, and will darken slightly over time as you wear it. I picked this leather for the measuring tape project since it's ever so slightly yellow in color, recalling the classic yellow measuring tape!