Respect for the Craftsman • Respect for the Animal •  Respect for the Customer

Hi there, I'm Sarah Katharine Green, the sole craftsman and producer of the SKG Leather line.  SKG Leather is a collection motivated by respect.  As a craftsman, I honor centuries of tradition in leatherwork and hand-stitching.  I work slowly, employing time-honored techniques used by craftsmen for over 100,000 years.  It is a gratifying, time-consuming process that creates softly-structured, versatile, and nearly indestructible pieces.

RESPECT FOR THE CUSTOMER •  I prototype and test my products extensively, in a constant effort to distill the absolute best features and construction.  The product must, of course, be beautiful, but it is even more important to me that it functions well for my customer.  As I design and create each piece, my intention is that its owner will be able to use it for years, in any weather or scenario, while devoting as little concern as possible to the care of the product.  Show this leather some good, tough love, and it will love you back!

RESPECT FOR THE ANIMAL  •  All parts for any SKG Leather product are made from the hide of a single animal, cut out one at a time.  I do this so that the color is consistent throughout the piece, but also so that the piece can be tied to a single origin.  The animal has passed on and its hide will be used by us for years to carry, store, and protect.  Should a customer want to reflect on this powerful relationship, they have one, single animal to acknowledge and thank.


The current SKG Leather collection features deer-tanned American bison hide, tanned in Chicago by Horween Leather Company.  Horween is a family-owned tannery in operation in Chicago since 1905.  They produce arguably the best leathers in the world, revered and trusted by fashion houses, the finest shoe manufacturers in the world, the NFL, and friendly, neighborhood artisans like me!  My customers can trust that Horween leather will be durable, richly textured and colored, and will age beautifully throughout the life of the product.


The current collection features hand-cut and patinated copper plates crafted by Chicago metal artist Ruby Pinto.  Ruby employs multiple processing techniques to impart a unique character, color, and pattern to every piece of copper.  For more of Ruby's work, visit her store, Adornamorphosis by Ruby Pinto.


For more about my background, educational opportunities, and other work, feel free to visit my website

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